Daughter found the first (and only) cards for “Candy Wars”, her game idea from when she was ~10. 😁

three cards: Sour Mike n Ikes (Upgrade Card: Equip to weapon with mike and ike ammo. Deals +3 damage); Tropical Skittles (Upgrade Card: Equip to weapon with skittle ammo. Deals +7 damage); Pop Rock Mines (Trap Card: Stop the incoming attack immediately. Deals 5 damage per trap card in opponents hand)Thre cards: Peach Ring (Healing Card: Restore 20 life points to any summon); Mint M&Ms (Upgrade Card: Equip to weapon with M&M ammo. Deals +5 damage); Life Saver Prison (Trap Card: Only usable when summon is about to be killed. Stops attacker from attacking for three turns)