• 🎵Bound Stems, “The Family Afloat” #nowPlaying

    Album cover: Two very faded photos. A gray, cloudy sky in the top half, and and old community swimming pool in the lower half.

  • 🎵Gen-Ik, “Just Add Dope” #nowPlaying

    Album cover: Blue-tinted background of smoke with an abstract pattern of overlapping rectangles of varying blue saturation

  • 🎵Last Lungs, “Look at That Old Grizzly Bear” #nowPlaying

    From back in the days of Soundsupp.ly drops

    Album cover: Flat art representation of a bear paw reaching up from a sawtooth (water?) surface, reaching for (or having thrown) relatively small twigs and branches.

  • 🎵Lorenzo Feliciati & Pat Mastelotto, “Portal” #nowPlaying

    Album cover: A photo of an old Super Silicon Solid State radio, digitally process to be yellow and red backlit, otherwise very dark, with lots of digital noise.

  • Caturday!

    Close up of my hand scratching the chest of our tuxedo cat, her paws clenched tightly.Close up of my hand scratching the chest of our tuxedo cat, her head starting to tile back and paws loosening up.Close up of my hand scratching the chest of our tuxedo cat, her head thrown back and front legs outstretched in joyous relaxation.

  • Look, I am generally a happy go lucky guy with regard to holidays. But it is time once again for me to be stubborn with my family about my one rule: No Christmas tree or lights until after Thanksgiving. It gets its own time. 🦃❤️

  • My sister and I at our Apple ][+, circa 1980.

  • Installed new porch lights yesterday. Oh, do I hate working above my head; frustrating, exhausting, and sore afterward.

    View out the front door, with new arts and crafts style light overhead.Side view of the small front porch, with two square arts and crafts styles lights overhead.

  • 🎵Pitchshifter, “Infotainment?

    Album cover

  • The 11yo’s self-made costume (w/ some stitching help yesterday from mom and sis to make the deadline). 🥰🐺

    Child posing in front of fireplace, showing off gray wolf-like fursuit head, tail, and paws.

  • 11yo: “I’m having a mental breakdance.” … 17yo: 💃 11yo: “…BREAKDOWN!”

  • 🎵 Classic prog nerds: Apple Music has a “Canterbury Scene Essentials” playlist. (Consider myself more of a newb to Canterbury so uninterested in debating any track’s merit.)

  • 🎵 Alex Haas / Bill Laswell, “Nowstalgia

    Album cover

  • The last Friday of (this cycle of) unemployment. New job starts next Wednesday. 😁

  • I should have read “Ballad for Sophie” much sooner, such a beautiful melding of story and art. Probably the best graphic work I’ve read this year (although published late last year). Do yourself a favor and read it.

    Video trailer

    Elderly gentlemen in a robe is facing away for us. The smoke of the cigarette in his right hand swirling up and around, forming into piano keys.

  • “Indefatigable” is such a weird word. Looks like someone rolled dice to look up a table entry for each syllable.

  • I imagine these images will get crushed even more, but I had to make an attempt to capture the eerie lighting in the heavy fog early this morning.

  • Spent the week in Oregon with friends, playing games, relaxing, taking turns making dinners, and walking on the beach.

    Large sea stack (rock) at morning low tide, exposing a hole through it at the baseMorning cloud-shrouded view of the shore, with a sea stack on the left and bluff on the rightEvening view of the shore from the deck, sun setting on the leftlast glimpses of color as the sun sets over the ocean

  • 🎵 Ron Miles, “Quiver

    Had not realised Mr. Miles passed earlier this year. Dammit. Fuck cancer. 😢

    Album cover

  • 🎵 Rain Tree Crow, “Rain Tree Crow

    Album cover

  • Been a long time since I watched something that made me think, “WTF did I just watch and why did I manage to watch the whole thing?”

    I present to you “The House”: www.netflix.com/browse

  • Raptor on the front porch this morning. Looks like a Cooper’s Hawk.

  • One Pissed-Off Ant

    Flashback to a late night discovery on late-’90s Seattle public access: Guy with an ant-head mask furiously pedalling a stationary bike. No speaking. Intercut with news footage, he’d periodically get off the bike and smash something, then return to the bike. End credits roll: “One Pissed-Off Ant”.

    Only saw it the once, really wish I could find footage of that to prove to myself it wasn’t a fever dream.

  • Model Snake, “Business Lights

    Album cover

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