• 🎵 David Sylvian, “A Victim of Stars 1982–2012

  • 🎵 Lionrock, “City Delirious

    (pretty low-quality video of one of the tracks, but more interesting than the other “play-over-static-image” videos I could find)

  • Really wish I could purchase an HD copy of Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall” right now.

  • Dragonfly 😍

  • I was just asked by the 9yo to explain what pocket protectors are (were?).

    She responded with “That’s so cool!” 🤓

    I think I might be doing this wrong.

  • Well, that was a “fun” couple hours wondering how I could be screwing up something as fundamental as parsing a URL. FB8195416

    URL variable shows nil in variables pane, but is populated in lldb console

  • Me: “Then I realized kids these days don’t even know Celine Dion!”

    9yo: “You mean ‘Gomez’?”


  • “Double aloha” has entered the family lexicon for 🖕🖕”thanks” to “Locke & Key”. 🤭

  • Well, that was interesting. 🤔 Watch periodically becomes unresponsive, seems to coincide w/ draining battery so I suspect an out-of-control process but no idea how to instrument it. First I’ve seen this, though, just before it rebooted itself.

    Watch overlaying Deliveries info and application list.

  • Entering my last week of unemployment: Next Monday I start as Sr iOS Dev at Doctor on Demand. 🥳 Many thanks to all who helped spread the word of my job search.

  • 🎵

    If people could stop sucking If people could stop sucking If people could stop sucking The world could be a better place

    Free your mind cause a crime Circles are for breaking Free your mind love is blind Who will be the next in line

    -Poundhound, “Next in Line”


  • 🎵 King Crimson, “The Elements of King Crimson 2014

  • Watching movies has gone from “remember when we could meet people at the gate?” to “remember when we would fly on airplanes?” 😬

  • A subselection of the cat crinkle balls fished out from under the fridge yesterday.

  • Last night I realized I’d never seen “The Hunger”.

    Should have left it at that. 😬

  • Still bothers me I can’t set day variations on my Watch. “No, you can’t do 900cal just 5days/wk and 600 the other two, it has to be 900 every day. Your reward? Requiring 960 every day after!”

  • I bought “Fire in the Valley” quite a while ago but sadly left it languish on my digital bookshelf. Finally making the time to read it.

  • Some mornings are just too darn nice to go on my usual walk. Need to just sit here, do some reading, and enjoy the view.

    Back yard terraced veggie garden and lawn

  • 8yo daughter comes running out, says “Dad, quick! Water is coming out of the bathroom!” 😳


    Bottles of water lined up exiting the bathroom

  • “Tuesday is no good for the Eradicator.”

  • 🎵 Prince, “Controversy

    Album cover: Controversy by Prince

  • Today has been a good day.

  • 🎵 The Spinners, “The Very Best of The Spinners

    Add some musical joy to the end of your day; you deserve it. ❤️

    Album cover:

  • Wonderful NYT profile of MN restaurateurs Mateo Mackbee and Erin Lucas whose Model Citizen “popup” (glancingly mentioned) was one of my favorite restaurants after just one visit. New place added to my “must visit” list.

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