• December 2, 2019: The last of the household’s Santa Believers has fallen. There is both a collective sigh of relief and a sad loss of innocence.

  • One of our cats has spent a large chunk of the last three days sitting in the hall, staring up at a specific corner of the ceiling. If he’s trying to mess with our minds, it’s working.

  • For the record, it wasn’t anything Star Wars that got us to sign up to Disney+, it was wanting to (re-)watch “Phineas and Ferb” with our 8yo. 😁

  • 8yo expressed confusion at these Monty Python magnets in my office so I lost of bit of the afternoon introducing her to the relevant sketches on YouTube.

    Time will tell whether I regret this. 🦶😂


  • A call to my iPhone rings on every one of my Apple devices; will we ever be able to check voicemail from any device not our iPhone?

  • 🎵 Curve, “Cuckoo

  • 🎵 KTU, “Quiver

  • “I thought they said ‘Disney Frozen Chew Toys’.” - just one of many reasons to love my wife 🥰😂

  • Center-aligned paragraphs of text are evil and should be illegal.

  • 🎵El Vez, “Graciasland

  • In retrospect, I should have expected this many questions about the black velvet El Vez poster on my wall when I started working remotely for a company headquartered in Memphis. 😂 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_V…

    Black velvet El Vez “Graciasland” tour poster

  • TFW Apple Books on the desktop is totally unusable due to continually requiring password entry, causing you to regret ever using it in the first place. 🤬😞

  • More often than not these days, Mobile Safari’s Smart Zoom (double-tapping to zoom in on a region) just doesn’t work for me. Are that many sites actively blocking it, or is something else broken?

  • Ah, 8-year olds: “Kitty Cat Daycare: No humans allowed (unless you’re here to pick up or drop off your pet/pets)” 😻😹

    Chair fort "kitty cat daycare" with signClose up of sign

  • 🎵 Mos Generator, “The Dance of Red

    Mahavishnu Orchestra + King Crimson = 😍😍😍

  • 🎵 Exit North, “Book of Romance and Dust

  • 🎵 Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Two (Live at Sydney Opera House)

    Been a while since I put on some electronic/ambient like this and just read in the morning, but it was the absolute right start to the day.

  • Ugh, email announcing a planned lockdown drill at kid’s school. At least it unintentionally gave me this chuckle:

    "Run, Hide, Fight Powerpoint"

  • Am I the only one who looks at crowdfunding campaigns for charging- and other power-related projects and thinks, “Wow, super-cool industrial design but I’m not interested in my house burning down some night while I’m asleep so I’ll pass”?

  • Pretty stoked to be starting my new position next Monday: Principal Software Developer at Mimeo, working on Mimeo Photos. Very grateful to @bens for telling me about it at Release Notes; I don’t think I would have been aware of it otherwise.

  • Downloading WWDC videos brings my iPad to a crawl. 😢

  • Kicked off my final week of unemployment by watching “General Magic”. A wonderful documentary, but it generated mixed emotions by obliquely touching on so much of what’s been so right and wrong about these decades of Silicon Valley.

  • 🎵 Mos Generator, “Breaker

    If anyone else were awake in the house right now, this song would be playing punishingly loud. 🤘🤘

  • Wow, I didn’t expect this week to be so stressful but it ended up highly positive. Celebrating/relaxing with a glass of Woodford Reserve while watching the wonderful “Neat: The Story of Bourbon” on Hulu. 🥃

  • The irony of a Facebook page throwing a captcha to determine whether I am human.

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