• 🎵 Ron Miles, “Quiver

    Had not realised Mr. Miles passed earlier this year. Dammit. Fuck cancer. 😢

    Album cover

  • 🎵 Rain Tree Crow, “Rain Tree Crow

    Album cover

  • Been a long time since I watched something that made me think, “WTF did I just watch and why did I manage to watch the whole thing?”

    I present to you “The House”: www.netflix.com/browse

  • Raptor on the front porch this morning. Looks like a Cooper’s Hawk.

  • One Pissed-Off Ant

    Flashback to a late night discovery on late-’90s Seattle public access: Guy with an ant-head mask furiously pedalling a stationary bike. No speaking. Intercut with news footage, he’d periodically get off the bike and smash something, then return to the bike. End credits roll: “One Pissed-Off Ant”.

    Only saw it the once, really wish I could find footage of that to prove to myself it wasn’t a fever dream.

  • Model Snake, “Business Lights

    Album cover

  • 22 years ago today, I married my love. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today, nor as happy, without her. ❤️

    My wife and I walking down the aisle after our wedding ceremony

  • This was a welcome sight to see when planning our route this morning. 3,779.5 miles in three stretches over three weeks. WA-OR-CA-AZ-NM-CO-NE-IA-MN-MT-ID-WA

    Apple Maps route plan showing route from "My Location" (Ritzville, WA at the time) to Seattle. Fastest route of 232 miles, 3-1/2 hours Trip odometer reading 3,779.5 miles, estimated 25.7 mpg

  • This is my last week at Included Health thanks to layoffs. Need to take a bit of time off to recharge, support family in final arrangements regarding my mother-in-law, and figure out what I want to do next.

  • “Mad Madam Mim” original Hal King sketch for my recently-departed mother-in-law, whose nickname was (unrelatedly) “Mim”.

    Sketch of Madam Mim beginning a curtsey, with a large heart background. Captioned "Madam Mim" in capital letters, and Hal King's signature.

  • Finished listening to “Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements”. Longtime fan of the band and Westerberg, but intentionally kept it via the music. This was an incredible biography, joyous and sad and frustrating in their self-destruction. Loved it.

  • 🎵 Critters Buggin’, “Guest

    album cover

  • Approaching 3 weeks away from my wife while she’s been dealing with her mother’s passing, which is well and away the longest we’ve been apart in our 23yr relationship. Sucks on all fronts.

  • Currently re-evaluating what I want in a role. I know I need it to be remote (not interested in bringing COVID home to my wife who lost a lung to cancer) and have solid health coverage for my wife’s active cancer. 🤔

  • My Father’s Day gift from the almost-11yo: A canine and feline sketch collage, their most realistic yet. 🥰

  • 🎵 Billy Joel, “52nd Street

    The first commercially released CD: ultimateclassicrock.com/the-first…

    album cover

  • 🎵 Shineback, “Dial

    album cover

  • On Memorial Day, my MIL fell, injuring her head, and still hasn’t awakened in two weeks. Today her family respected her medical directive and are discontinuing medical intervention. My wife is down there; I am here at home. It’s going to get rougher still before it can heal. 😢

  • 🎵 Standards, “Fruit Island

    Album cover: A colorful sketch of five different anthropomorpic fruit dancing on a tropical island

  • 🎵 Elton John, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    album cover

  • 🎵 Hooray, Bill Rieflin’s “Birth of a Giant” has been digitally re-released!

    album cover

  • Just returned to drizzly Seattle from a road trip to sunny Sonoma County, where we had rented a place with extended family (wife’s side).

    Overlooking the pool and bocce court from the top deckLower angle view of bocce game in progress, with view of houseRelaxing at the fire pot with an early morning view of the rarely overcast post-sunriseSunrise over the mountains

  • I managed to grill 10 New York strips to a solid medium-rare last night despite some really nasty flareups and tongs falling apart (😖 not my grill), to have at least 3 people call it the best (non-restaurant) steak they’d had, so that was my bday gift to me. 😁🥩

  • 🎵 Srdjan Ivanovic Blazin’ Quartet, “Finding a Way

    30% off MoonJune downloads until June 2 w/ coupon ‘TOLEDO2022MOONJUNE’. This label is diverse enough you likely won’t like everything but what you do = ❤️❤️❤️

    album cover

  • 🎵 Mask of Confidence, “Mask of Confidence

    album cover

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